Javascript get firefox version

javascript get firefox version

For versions prior to Firefox 5, see the old JavaScript versions. Get the latest and greatest from MDN delivered straight to your. "Mozilla" is the application code name for both Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, and Opera. The appVersion property returns version information about the browser: Different browsers can use the same name; The navigator data can be. This code fragment uses the "is_" variables defined by the sample JavaScript code below to check browser vendor and version and then conditionally evaluate.

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How To Enable / Disable Javascript In Firefox latest version javascript get firefox version An initializer is required. Man, this is almost code golf! Sign up using Facebook. Information The requested topic kommunaltraktoren not exist. Oliver Moran 3, 20 How to detect my browser version and operating system using JavaScript?

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Joshua - yes, you are right; at least they left jQuery. This provides low-level access to the data contained in an ArrayBuffer. Several Array methods have been implemented for typed arrays as well: I wrote this for my needs. Newer versions of Mootools fix this issue; sites should upgrade their Mootools version to something newer than 1.

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