Chinese legend of the white snake

chinese legend of the white snake

Yet after centuries of ceaseless effort—meditating, disciplining herself, mastering the energies of the universe—this white snake took human form. Immortal now  THEME ‎: ‎Prejudice, intolerance. *This story is dedicated to the Year , , the year of the Metal Snake, otherwise known as the White Snake. It is liberally adopted from the Chinese. The legend of White Snake is one of the most popular stories in the history of China, with countless versions. She brought her red silk handkerchief to her face to mop the rivulet of sweat that ran from beneath her woven hat. Say yes to life, tell me you will be my husband again, tell me you will be father to our child," her voice trailed off. They stargames com gratis a days worth of supplies and, at sunrise, headed north from the monastery gates, following the wide river gully. But keep in mind that even the same spelling can take different forms—for instance, FahaiFa Hai, and Fa-hai. Swords clash, and warriors duck and dodge the blades. chinese legend of the white snake


剧情:小戏骨白蛇传 - Drama: Legend of White Snake

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